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Good News:Regulations of Solar PV Rooftop Plant (PLTS Rooftop) Will Be Published This Month (November 2018)

  • 16 November 2018, JAKARTA - Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Ignasius Jonan targets regulations
    regarding the use of solar power plants on the roof or solar PV rooftop to be published this November 2018.
  • In the regulation, PLN customers can sell excess electricity produced by solar PV rooftop to PLN through an
    import - export scheme. The amount of energy transacted to PLN can be deducted later from customer
    electricity bills. So that customers can make savings.
  • He said that currently the development of solar power plants in Indonesia is still low.  The existence of these
    regulations is expected to encourage the use of solar power plants. This is also one of the efforts to pursue a
    target of 23% new renewable energy mix (EBT) by 2025. Indonesia has set the achievement of 45 GW or 8.5%
    install capacity of solar energy by 2050, with off grid solar PV projects, the most viable option for its large rural
  • The regulation will be set out in the form of a Ministerial Regulation. In the future, PLN customers who are able
    to use rooftop PLTS are households, government institutions, and social bodies. The ESDM Ministry also considers
    that industrial customers can also use it. With the entry of the industrial sector, the ESDM Ministry considers
    several things, one of which is the exception of the imposition of roof PLTS parallel operating costs (OP) for the
    industrial sector.
  • The market survey showed there were 500,000 houses (PLN customers) in Java and Bali ready to develop Rooftop
    PLTS which would provide around 9 - 13 gigawatt peak (gwp) to power availability.
  • The rules will encourage the growth in great demand for solar panels in Indonesia. It is expected "there will be
    addition of* solar PV rooftop electricity more than 5 GW in the next 5 years.
    The regulation will support the declaration of One Million Solar Rooftop Movement Towards Gigawatt PV in

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