As your trusted exhibition agent offering all-around services, we are here to help you zero in on the latest global market trends, industry insights and market updates.


Our specialties30 Years of Leading International High-Efficient B2B Exhibitions, Mastering Global Market Trends

  • Wesexpo's 30-year expertise in managing high-efficent international B2B exhibitions and its connection with renowned exhibition groups like REED, VNU, ITE, COMEXPOSIUM and Informa Group.
  • We emphasize the selection of impactful and efficient professional exhibitions, safeguarding client interests, and fostering rich exhibition resources and networks through continuous interaction with international business exhibition organizations and partnerships with various trade and industrial associations.


Our specialties
Collaborating Across Industries and Government Units to Integrate and Leverage Resources

  • Wesexpo offers professional exhibition services and efficient market strategies, assisting manufacturers with overseas exhibition subsidies from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  • We collaborate with industry and government units to organize Taiwan pavilion at exhibitions, enhancing the international exposure of Taiwanese industries and enabling direct interactions with global buyers. 
  • Moving forward, Wesexpo will continue to deepen cooperation with various industries and government sectors, further integrating resources and contributing to the globalization of Taiwan's industries.


Our specialties
30 Years of Serving Over 50,000 Taiwanese Export Companies

  • Over the past thirty years, we have successfully provided meticulous and professional services to over 50,000 exhibitors.
  • This vast experience is the culmination of every service encounter where we honed our skills and learned, and stands as the best testament to our status as a trusted partner for exhibitors.


Our specialties 
Acting Over 10,000 International Trade Exhibitions Globally

  • Our business spans globally across continents including Asia, Europe, America, and Africa, having managed over 10,000 international trade exhibitions.
  • We adhere strictly to quality and customer responsibility, making us the preferred partner for companies expanding into international markets.


Our specialties 
Operates Across 47 Countries and 35 Industries

  • We cover a broad range of industries from technology innovation to traditional manufacturing, from food and agriculture to wellness, fashion, lifestyle goods to aesthetic living, and multimedia content to entertainment.
  • Our experience in global market expansion demonstrates our adaptability and efficiency in different cultural and market environments.

Our core services

Representation of overseas professional trade shows for exhibiting

Visitor solutions

Booth decoration, travel and shipping logistics

On-site services and back-office support

Human resources outsourcing and interpreting services

Event campaigns

Event information updates

Local seminars on international exhibitions

Earning High Trust and Reputation Among Multiple Partnerships

Wesexpo adhere to the philosophy of being the most faithful trade partner for businesses, providing services with transparency in professional exhibition information, integrated exhibition resources, accurate market analysis and consultations, and expertise in professional knowledge and training.

Our dedicated service, combined with our expert team and comprehensive strategic execution, enables us to capture the best business development opportunities globally, offering precise support for understanding international market trends.

Wesexpo Becomes the Most Trusted Business Partner

In the unstable post-pandemic environment, Wesexpo remains committed to being the most faithful trade partner for businesses. We offer transparent professional exhibition information, integrated exhibition resource services, accurate market analysis and consultations, and enthusiastic, knowledgeable service. Our team strives to manage international exhibitions, providing comprehensive exhibition planning and product promotion, serving as a vanguard for market layout for exporters and collaborating with clients to explore market opportunities.

Wesexpo team, with its rich experience in professional international exhibition representation, integrates related resources and offers full-scale planning and execution capabilities. We are adept at seizing the best business development opportunities worldwide, providing corporate clients with precise insights into international market trends, industry analyses, and market dynamics.